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Semi-realistic portraiture, concept and character design, surface design, product design

Boat shop owner

Owner of the Illustrated Boat Shop


Novelist, script writer, copywriter, digital marketing specialist, PR

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About Klaus (he/they)

I’m a freelance illustrator and novelist based in West Yorkshire. I have a BA in 2D Animation and Filmmaking, and an MA in Creative Writing. I spent my early career working as a script writer and working on film sets as a production designer, as well as 2D animation for short films.

I worked as in-house illustrator for an English teaching company in Osaka, Japan.


I write high-concept novels, one of which was picked up by Unbound, that Audrey Niffenegger called ‘promising.’ I’ve also worked as a script writer for studios in the US and Ireland, and as a digital copywriter in the education sector.

I’m currently working on a new book.


I work in a semi-realistic style using pencil, markers and digital. I specialise in portraits, narrative illustration, editorial and surface design.

I’m currently illustrating a self-initiated 78 card LGBTQ+ tarot deck, The Hierophanies Tarot.

Many of my personal projects explore gender and diversity. An ongoing theme of my work is drawing beautiful and ornate portraits of men, because I think we don’t see enough positive representation.

I also love to illustrate my original characters from my writing work and novels (‘OC’s’.) I love illustrating fashion themed pieces and clothes, and positive LGBTQ+ representation.

I’m a practicing witch, and my esoteric sensibilities often make it into my work.

I’m actively looking to do more illustration and writing work in the spirituality publishing industry. I would particularly love to illustrate more oracle and tarot decks, so if you’d like to work together, please get in touch using my contact form.


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